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School Information



This page is designed to be a resource for parents looking to educate their young ones! We've shared state report cards and annual report cards available for schools in the area.

Find your public or charter school's state report card here.

Find your private or parochial school's achievement levels here.

Dayton also has Preschool Promise, This is a program funded with Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood funds (AKA Issue 9). This allows all City of Dayton residents, regardless of income level, to send their 4-year-olds to quality, star rated programs.  Additional information can be found here.

Public Schools


Bell Haven Academy: PreK-6

Edison Elementary: ​PreK-6

Edwin Joel Brown: PreK-8


Fairview: PreK-6

River’s Edge Montessori: PreK-6

Charter Schools

Richard Allen Academy: K-3

Richard Allen Prep: 4-8

DECA Prep: K-4​

DECA Middle: 5-8

DECA High: 9-12

Private Schools


Mother Brunner: K-6

Our Lady of the Rosary: K-6

Holy Angels: K-6

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