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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Numbers

Public Works:

Police (N0n-Emergency):

City Commission:

Water Billing:

Park/Shelter Rentals:

Tax Questions:

Q: What can you do about the four-wheelers and dirtbikes tearing through the neighborhood?

A: These vehicles are not street legal. However, the police cannot chase these vehicles unless they were part of another, more serious, crime. What can you do? Take pictures when possible and note the directions they are travelling to and from. Call the info in to the non-emergency police number: 937-333-2677 (COPS)

Q: The city didn't pick up my leaves like I expected. What can I do?

A: The city has committed to two loose leaf pick-ups per year. If you miss a pick-up, check the schedule at or on the Dayton Collects app to find out when the next pick-up is. If the second pick-up has passed, or if you want the leaves gone from  your property sooner, you can drop them off in biodegradable bags at the Wagner Ford green waste site.

Q: I just heard gunshots. What should I do?

A: The city has a zero tolerance policy for discharging firearms within city limits. Assuming there is no known emergency, be sure to call in the number of shots, time heard, and general direction they came from to the non-emergency police line (937-333-2677 (COPS)) the first time and every time you hear shots fired.

Q: There's a tree that's dead in my yard. Will the city take it down?

A: If the tree is between the sidewalk and the street, or if it is less than 10 feet from the curb, it may be the city's responsibility to remove. Contact public works at 937-333-4800 or enter the tree removal on the Dayton Delivers app to find out the next steps.

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