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Resident Resources

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Important Numbers

Public Works:


Police (N0n-Emergency):

City Commission:

Water Billing:

Park/Shelter Rentals:

Tax Questions:



937-333-2677 (COPS)





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Need some help from the City?  Here are some useful links to click on:

  • Dayton Delivers:  This is an app for reporting a public problem, like a light that’s out or a trash pickup that doesn’t happen or an empty house that looks as though someone’s broken into it.  The report gets forwarded to the department that’s responsible for taking care of the problem – and you can get a notification back!

  • Dayton Collects:   This is an app that will remind you about all the City’s waste pickups in time for you to get things to the curb including:

    • Trash​

    • Recycling

    • Bulk Pickup (must be scheduled in advance)

    • Leaf Collection

  • Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood:  This webpage shows you how the tax dollars from the Issue 9 levy are being spent.  Six little dashboards take you to:

    • a map of houses are empty and being mowed by the City

    • a map of which streets are scheduled to be paved and when

    • which parks are being improved

    • where you can find Preschool Promise care providers (all households qualify regardless of income)

    • how Dayton’s doing at increasing the number of police

    • how your tax dollars are being spent

  • Depositor's Foreclosure.  Find out how to acquire a long-vacant property in the City for less than the back taxes!  (There’s also a map of the available properties.)

  • City of Dayton Homepage:  When you get to the City’s homepage, you can search for the topic or department you need, if none of the above is what you’re looking for.  For example, you can readily find the zoning codes, or building codes and permitting requirements.  There is also some information on landlord/tenant rights (state law applies). 

And here are some useful phone numbers and web addresses, for all sorts of problems:

  • Call the Cops!  For drug-related issues or other n0n-emergency problems, call 937-333-2677 (COPS) 

  • Useful Telephone Numbers and Websites:  Click here to find out which responsibilities are the County’s, the City’s, yours, or some other organization’s!  You may be surprised…  Contact information is provided.

If you want to object to a liquor license issuance, check out these handouts provided by the city.


Want to know more about the Dayton View Triangle Federation, YOUR neighborhood association?  We’re here to help the community!  What we want most is for you to join the Federation and become active along with us.  Click on the links below to access lots of community information:

  • Our Facebook page

  • Current DVTF Officers and Committee Chairs

  • Calendar of Planned DVTF Meetings and Events

  • Past Issues of our neighborhood newsletter, the DVT VIEWpoint

  • Minutes of past Federation Community and Trustee Meetings

  • The current DVTF Membership Form

  • DVTF By-Laws

  • A page answering common questions about the impact of putting the Triangle on the National Register of Historic Places (without having to change to Historic District zoning)

  • And there’s one special joint City/Triangle program you might not be aware of:  the Dayton is Yours, or DIY, program.  Our DIY representative has a special relationship with the City’s Housing Department.  You can report a problem property to our rep, and she will take action!  Click here to read about the program, and also to get a copy of the City’s Yard Standards that you can leave for that neighbor if the problem relates to a messy yard.

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